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PCT Resupply in Washington State


indicates where you can mail packages. indicates where a friend can hand you supplies from their car. There are many, these are the main ones.


Most locations prohibit perishable food or fuel. UPS and FedEx will not ship fuel. But USPS will if ground shipped. Every place you can mail a package also sells fuel. Just check on stock availability.
ID required for package pickup.

Always label the package with
Hiker Name: [your name], ETA:[estimated date]
c/o [name of establishment holding your package]
full address.

You might also choose to put your mobile phone number on the package, it can be used as 2FA if you happen to lose your ID or something.

Public transportaion options are listed in greater detail on the Public Transportation page on

Cascade Locks, Oregon

Just east of the Bridge of the Gods (PCTA mile 2147 / 0 WA)

Cascade Locks, Oregon is a decent size town where you can get pretty much anything you need The Best Western Plus Columbia River Inn is right next to the bridge, and so is the Bridgeside restaurant. A couple blocks east of the bridge are motels, the ale house, a small grocery store with limited options, and the US Post Office. There is mobile phone service at Cascade Locks.

Getting there from the trail: The fastest route to the PO is to get off the PCT when it goes under Highway 84 and take SW Moody Ave three blocks to SW Regulator St then turn left.

Send packages to: c/o Cascade Locks US Post Office, 461 NW Wanapa St, Cascade Locks, OR 97014

Hours: Mon-Fri open 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM (closed 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM for lunch). Closed Sat & Sun. Phone: (541)374-5026.

Wind River Road/Panther Creek Campground

Access from Carson, WA. All paved road. PCT intersection is (mile 2180 / 33 WA)

Wind River Road and Panther Creek Campground (off FR-65) are 2.8 miles apart. Both are accessed from Carson, WA via Wind River Road. If the mule is waiting for the hiker, I like WRH, If the hiker is waiting for the mule then I like PCC.

Trout Lake

Trout Lake General Store is likley to have anything you need in terms of resupply.

Getting there from the trail: A shuttle ride away from Forest Road 23 / Williams Mine Trailhead (PCTA mile 2230 / 83 WA). The Post Office is next to the grocery, and the Trout Lake Valley Inn is 1 mile SE of the grocery on the main road.

Send packages to: c/o Trout Lake Grocery, PO Box 132, Trout Lake, WA 98650. (Street address is 2383 Hwy. 141)

Hours: 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM. Phone (509)395-277.

Please leave a donation when you pick up your package.

Potato Hill

Access from Randle, WA, 30.75 miles of dirt road, Forest Road 5603 (mile 2251 / 104 WA)

There is no mobile phone service at or near the Potato Hill Trail head.

White Pass

On Highway 12 (PCTA mile 2295 / 148 WA)

A half mile west of where the PCT crosses the highway is a gas station with a grocery named the Kracker Barrel. Laundry $10 wash, dry, and soap. Showers (30 minutes) are $8 plus $2 for a towel.
The hotel next door is the White Pass Village Inn 48933 US-12, Naches, WA 98937 (509) 672-3131
There is basically nothing else open at White Pass in the summer.

Send packages to: c/o White Pass Rural Branch PO, Kracker Barrel Store, 48851 US Hwy 12, Naches, WA 98937

Hours: Daily from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Phone: (509)672-3105

$10 for 1-30 days, and $10 for every additional 30 days a package is held.

Currently there is no public transportation to/from White Pass.

Mobile Service: Northbound, you will get mobile phone service as soon as you see the top of the chairlift, and you will lose it just before the intersection with the Dog Lake trail.

Chinook Pass

Accessible from three directions, on Highway 410 (mile 2324 / 177 WA)

There's nothing there but a parking lot and a toilet. No mobile phone service.

Naches Pass

Access from Greenwater, WA on NF-7000-3, 16.8 miles (Greenwater Road). The last 6.7 miles is dirt road. Note, ½ mile hike to the Mike Urich Cabin (mile 2347 / 200 WA)

Stampede Pass

Access from I-90 exit 62 on Stampede Pass Road. 3.5 miles on FR-54, a well-traveled dirt road. (mile 2375 / 228 WA)

Snoqualmie Pass, WA

On Highway I-90, Exit 52, mile marker 52 (PCTA mile 2393 / 246 WA)

Snoqualmie Pass (Not to be confused with Snoqualmie, WA which is 26 miles away) offers multiple options for dining, grocery, and hotel. Those include the Pancake House, The Commonwealth, Dru Bru, and the pizzaria inside Lee's Grocery. A second new grocery is a mere 500 ft off the PCT route in the old firehouse; Laconia Market & Cafe. And the Chevron mini-mart.

Getting there: It's a 0.2 mile walk east from the PCT to the Chevron, and the Summit Inn is right next door.

The Chevron is also the Post Office. Chevron will charge you $8 for holding a package. The Summit Inn will only accept and hold packages for people with hotel reservations so you will need to include your reservation date on the package.

Send packages to: c/o Summit Chevron, 521 State Route 906, Snoqualmie Pass, WA 98068
Summit Inn at Snoqualmie, 603 State Route 906, Snoqualmie Pass, WA 98068

Hours: Chevron is open 6AM-10PM. (425)434-6688. The Summit Inn is open all hours, (425)434-6300.

Transportation: To The Mountain Shuttle offers service to/from Snoqualmie Pass.

Stevens Pass, WA

On Highway 2 at mile marker 64 (PCTA mile 2464 / 317 WA)

The Stevens Pass resupply guide has not changed in three years. Stevens Pass summer operations will open June 28th 2024 for mountain biking and hiking.

Getting there: Northbound you will have good mobile phone service from the top of the chairlift. When the lodge is on your left at about a 45d angle, take the side trail directly down to Granite Peaks Lodge. Or continue into the trees and on to Lot E if you have a car parked there (the only lot that allows overnight parking).
Continuing north from the main lodge, the pedestrian bridge is the only legal way to cross the highway, then walk N/NE through the parking lot toward the A-frame building with the light green metal roof. The PCT restarts behind that building.

NOTICE: USPS will not deliver to the summit. Only UPS or FedEx will.

Send packages to: c/o Stevens Pass, 93001 NE Stevens Pass Hwy, US 2, Skykomish, WA 98288

Pick up packages in the Seasons Pass Office, free of charge.
Hours: June–July: Open 9 AM to 3 PM M-F. July–October: Open 9 AM to 6 PM every day. (206)812-4510 x4350

In 2003 Skykomish Outfitters moved to a location 1.7 miles north of Stevens Pass, on the west side of the highway under the power lines. They offer a variety of services to hikers. You can text Anthony at (206)948-2642

Lodging: Stevens Pass Resort offers no overnight lodging. The Mountaineers lodge is CLOSED for all of 2024.

Transportaion: See the Greyhound phone app for info on the bus that stops at Stevens Pass once each day westbound and once each day eastbound.

There are also options 16 miles to the west of Stevens Pass in Skykomish WA: Sky Gas & Grocery is on Hwy 2. An 800 ft. walk from Hwy 2 on 5th Street brings you to other ammenities in Skykomish; Sky River Coffee, Cascadia Hotel & Cafe, Whistling Post Saloon, and a railroad museum. The Cascadia Hotel offers showers for $15 (towel, soap, shampoo included) for PCT hikers only and no need to stay as guest. Dinsmore's Hiker Haven, 8 miles west of Skykomish in Baring, WA, closed in 2022 after operating for almost two decades.

NOTE: North of Stevens Pass, to Stehekin, there are limited options for exiting the PCT. Plan your exit options ahead.

Stehekin, WA

High Bridge Ranger Station, Stehekin Valley Road (PCTA mile 2572 / 425 WA)

Getting there: Stehekin Valley Adventures operates a bus that runs between the High Bridge Ranger Station to Stehekin from June 7th to October 13th.

At the south end of Stehekin Valley Road you will find, in order; Purple Point Campground (877)444-6777, the US Post Office (509)699-2015, the North Cascades Lodge (855)685-4167, the Bus Stop, the Golden West Visitors Center (closed for 2024), and the Purple Point Overflow Campground.

There is no mobile service in Stehekin, but there are payphones and pay Wifi.

Send packages to: c/o General Delivery, 31 Defacto Lane, Stehekin, WA 98852

Hours: M-F 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Saturday 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Closed Sundays. (509)699-2015

Rainy Pass

On Highway 20 (mile 2591 / 444 WA)

There is no mobile phone service at Rainy Pass

Harts Pass

Accessible from Mazama, WA via highway 20 (mile 2622 / 475 WA)

NOTE! A permit issued by the Canadian government is required to hike into Canda on the PCT. Hiking southbound into the US is prohibited. Hikers without a permit who wish to reach the northern terminus must hike 28 miles back to Harts Pass to reach a road.

It's fairly easy to find a ride between Harts Pass and Mazama, WA. On NF-5400, 12.2 miles (3,803 ft elevation change) on a one-lane gravel road with no guard rails. Then 7 miles of paved road from the Lost River Bridge to Highway 20.

There is no mobile phone service at Harts Pass

Mazama, WA

In Mazama you will find the Inn At Mazama, Mazama Ranch House, and Mazama Public House for refreshment. A bit further north, off hwy 20 you can find Sandy Bute Bistro & Bar near Freestone Inn & Cabins. The next town over, Winthrop, is 14 miles away and offers even more options for lodging and resupply.

There is mobile service in Mazama from a single tower near The Lions Den.

Getting there: Mazama, WA is the nearest town to the Rainy Pass (22 miles) and the Harts Pass (19 miles) trailheads. Getting a ride is usually easy. From Rainy Pass its a paved highway to Lost River Road, then another 0.4 miles to town. From Harts Pass its a pant-wetting gravel road down to the valley and into town.

Goat's Beard Mountain Supplies will hold resupply packages for $10.

Send packages to: c/o Goat's Beard Mountain Supplies, 44 Lost River Rd, Mazama, WA 98833

Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Goat's Beard (509)996-2515, is right next to the Mazama Store which includes a bakery, and is 0.6 miles from The Lion's Den

The Lion's Den (once Ravensong's Roost)
is a hiker haven 0.6 miles SW of Mazama offering a place to camp, lodging when available, showers, and laundry. It's a place where trail angels sometimes offer rides to/from the trailheads at Harts Pass or Rainy Pass. Trail angles also sometimes offer rides toward Seattle from there.

The Lion's Den, 6 Davelaar Dr, Mazama, WA 98862
Text: 702-281-9949, Call: 509-996-3228, Facebook group 'PCT The Lions Den'

Transportation to/from Seattle is a bit complicated so please see the Public Transportation page on for all the options.

Manning Park, Canada

The town of Manning Park is on highway BC-3, aka Crowsnest Highway.

The Manning Park Resort offers camping and lodging, grocery, and restaurant.

There is mobile service in Manning Park along the highway.

Transportation: For info on the twice-a-week bus, see the Public Transportation page on